The Christian Standard Bible is a new revision of the Holman Christian Standard Bible. The CSB is far better than the HCSB. It corrects some of the weak or denominational bias in the HCSB, such as Acts 22:16 and Phillipians 2:13. I was disappointed that the CSB does not capitalize the pronouns that refer to the Deity, like the HCSB did, which was useful.

The CSB uses what they called "Optimal Equivalence," meaning they translate word for word unless an literal rendering is confusing, especially ancient idioms. The result is a Bible translation that is both accurate and easy to understand, with some beautiful renderings. Ancient idioms are made into modern English meanings, unless there is more than one possible meaning, such as "obedience of faith" or "husband of one wife." I find the CSB to be confortable reading, and the CSB really speaks to me in modern English. The CSB proves that a literal translation can be easy to understand and in modern English.

The CSB has used more gender-accurate language than the HCSB, but does not use gender-inclusive language unless the Hebrew and Greek allow it, and you will not see the "singular they" you will find in the 2011 NIV. The CSB will not use plural pronouns for a singular person, place, or thing.

I really like that the CSB has a lot of footnotes, to tell the reader of literal renderings, alternate readings, and manuscript differences.

My only compliant about the CSB is sometimes too flat, such as in Psalm 23:1 where "I shall not want" becomes "I have what I need," or in Psalm 63:8 when it renders the literal "My soul clings to you" as "I follow close to you."

At first, I had some misgivings about the CSB, but am enjoying the balance of accuracy and readability, and it is one of my favorite Bibles. I find the CSB to be one of the best balanced Bible translatiosn in terms of being both accurate and readable. If a Bible translation is not accurate, it is a failure no matter how readable it is. If it is not readable, it will be unread. The CSB is as accurate as the NASB, and as readable as the NIV. If I was limited to using one BIble translation, it will be the CSB,

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