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The Interactive Bible Outline
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Harmony of the Gospels: The Life Of Jesus Christ

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The Genealogy of Jesus Christ   1:1-17
The Birth of Jesus Christ   1:18-25
The Visit of the Magi   2:1-12
The Escape to Egypt   2:13-15
Herod Kills the Infants   2:16-18
The Return to Nazareth   2:19-23
John the Baptist Prepares the Way   3:1-12
The Baptism of Jesus   3:13-17
The Temptation of Jesus   4:1-11
Jesus Begins to Preach in Galilee   4:12-17
The Calling of Peter, Andrew, James and John   4:18-22
Jesus Heals the Sick   4:23-25
The Sermon of the Mount Begins: The Beatitudes   5:1-12
Salt and Light   5:13-16
Fulfillment of the Law and Prophets   5:17-20
Murder And Anger   5:21-26
Adultery   5:27-30
Divorce   5:31-32
Oaths   5:33-37
An Eye for an Eye   5:38-42
Love for Enemies   5:43-48
Giving to the Needy with a Pure Heart   6:1-4
Prayer and Forgiveness   6:5-15
Proper Fasting   6:16-18
Treasures in Heaven   6:19-21
Value of Spiritual Insight and Generosity   6:22-23
Need for Undivided Loyalty   6:24
Do Not Worry   6:25-34
Do Not Judge, But Do Not Throw Pearls Before Swine   7:1-6
Keep Asking, Seeking, Knocking in Prayer   7:7-11
The Golden Rule   7:12
The Narrow and Wide Gates   7:13-14
A Tree and Its Fruit   7:15-20
The Saved Do God's Will   7:21-23
The Wise and Foolish Builders   7:24-27
The Multitude's Response to Jesus' Teaching   7:28-29
Jesus Heals A Man With Leprosy   8:1-4
The Faith of the Centurion   8:5-13
Peter's Mother-in-Law and Others Healed   8:14-17
The Cost of Following Jesus   8:18-22
Jesus Calms the Storm   8:23-27
The Healing of Two Demon-Possessed Men   8:28-34
Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralytic   9:1-8
The Calling of Matthew   9:9-13
A Question About Fasting: The Superiority of the New   9:14-17
A Sick Woman Healed and a Dead Girl Raised   9:18-26
Jesus Heals the Blind   9:27-31
Jesus Heals a Demon Possessed Mute   9:32-34
The Workers Are Few   9:35-38
Jesus Chooses and Sends Out the Twelve Apostles   10:1-15
Persecution Predicted   10:16-25
Fear God, Not Men   10:26-33
Not Peace, but a Sword   10:34-39
A Cup of Cold Water   10:40-42
Jesus and John the Baptist   11:1-19
Woe to Unrepentant Cities   11:20-24
The Son Gives Knowledge and Rest   11:25-30
Lord of the Sabbath   12:1-8
Jesus Heals Man with Withered Hand on the Sabbath   12:9-14
God's Chosen Servant   12:15-21
A House Divided and Blaspheming the Holy Spirit   12:22-32
A Tree is Known by Its Fruit   12:33-37
The Sign of Jonah   12:38-42
Return of an Unclean Spirit   12:43-45
Jesus' Mother and Brothers   12:46-50
The Parable of the Sower   13:1-9
Purpose of Parables   13:10-17
Parable of the Sower Explained   13:18-23
The Parable of the Wheat and Weeds   13:24-30
Parables of Mustard Seed and Yeast   13:31-33
Parables Fulfill Prophecy   13:34-35
The Parable of the Wheat and Weeds Explained   13:36-43
Parable of Hidden Treasure and Pearl   13:44-46
The Parable of the Net   13:47-50
Old and New Treasures   13:51-52
A Prophet Without Honor In His Hometown   13:53-58
John the Baptist Beheaded   14:1-12
Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand   14:13-21
Jesus Walks on the Water, Peter Tries and Fails   14:22-33
Healings at Gennesaret   14:34-36
Breaking Human Traditions that Break God's Commandments   15:1-9
True Defilement Comes from Within   15:10-20
The Faith of the Canaanite Woman   15:21-28
Jesus Heals Many   15:29-31
Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand   15:32-39
The Demands for a Sign   16:1-4
The Yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees   16:5-12
Peter's Confession of Christ   16:13-20
Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection   16:21-23
Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me   16:24-28
The Transfiguration, Discussion About Elijah   17:1-13
The Healing of a Boy With a Demon   17:14-21
Jesus Again Foretells His Death and Resurrection   17:22-23
The Temple Tax   17:24-27
The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven   18:1-6
Temptations to Sin   18:7-9
The Parable of the Lost Sheep   18:10-14
Church Discipline   18:15-20
The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant   18:21-35
Jesus Goes to Judea   19:1-2
Divorce   19:3-12
The Little Children and Jesus   19:13-15
The Rich Young Man   19:16-22
Possessions and the Kingdom   19:23-30
The Parable of Workers in the Vineyard   20:1-16
Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection a Third Time   20:17-19
A Mother's Request   20:20-28
Two Blind Men Receive Sight   20:29-34
The Triumphal Entry   21:1-11
Jesus Cleanses the Temple   21:12-13
Children Cheer Jesus   21:14-17
Jesus Curses the Fig Tree, Which Withers   21:18-22
The Authority of Jesus Questioned   21:23-27
The Parable of the Two Sons   21:28-32
The Parable of the Tenants   21:33-46
The Parable of the Wedding Banquet   22:1-14
Paying Taxes to Caesar   22:15-22
Marriage at the Resurrection   22:23-33
The Greatest Commandment   22:34-40
The Messiah: David's Son and Lord   22:41-46
The Sin of the Pharisees   23:1-12
Seven Woes   23:13-36
Jesus' Sorrow for Jerusalem   23:37-39
Jesus Foretells the Destruction of the Temple   24:1-2
Signs of the End of the Age   24:3-8
Persecutions Predicted   24:9-14
The Abomination of Desolation and False Messiahs   24:15-28
The Coming of the Son of Man   24:29-31
Parable of the Fig Tree   24:32-35
Unexpected Coming of the Son of Man   24:36-44
The Parable of the Two Slaves   24:45-51
The Parable of the Ten Virgins   25:1-13
The Parable of the Talents   25:14-30
The Final Judgment   25:31-46
The Plot Against Jesus   26:1-5
Jesus Anointed at Bethany   26:6-13
Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus   26:14-16
Betrayal at the Passover   26:17-25
The Last Supper   26:26-30
Jesus Foretells Peter's Denial   26:31-35
Gethsemane   26:36-46
Jesus Betrayed and Arrested   26:47-56
Before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin   26:57-68
Peter Disowns Jesus   26:69-75
Jesus Sent to Pilate   27:1-2
Judas Hangs Himself   27:3-10
Jesus Before Pilate   27:11-14
Jesus or Barabbas   27:15-26
The Soldiers Mock Jesus With a Crown of Thorns   27:27-31
The Crucifixion   27:32-44
The Death of Jesus   27:45-56
The Burial of Jesus   27:57-61
The Guards at the Tomb   27:62-66
The Resurrection   28:1-10
The Guards' Report   28:11-15
The Great Commission   28:16-20

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John the Baptist Prepares the Way   1:1-8
The Baptism of Jesus   1:9-11
The Temptation of Jesus   1:12-13
Ministry in Galilee   1:14-15
The Calling of the First Disciples   1:16-20
Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit   1:21-28
Jesus Heals Peter's Mother-In-Law and Others   1:29-34
Jesus Preaches in Galilee   1:35-39
Jesus Heals a Man With Leprosy   1:40-45
Jesus Heals and Forgives a Paralytic   2:1-12
The Calling of Levi (Matthew)   2:13-14
Dining With Sinners   2:15-17
A Question About Fasting: The Superiority of the New   2:18-22
Lord of the Sabbath   2:23-28
Jesus Heals Man with Withered Hand on the Sabbath   3:1-6
Crowds Follow Jesus   3:7-12
The Appointing of the Twelve Apostles   3:13-19a
A House Divided and Blaspheming the Holy Spirit   3:19b-30
The True Kindred of Jesus   3:31-35
The Parable of the Sower   4:1-9
The Purpose of Parables   4:10-12
The Parable of the Sower Explained   4:13-20
A Lamp on a Stand   4:21-25
The Parable of the Growing Seed   4:26-29
The Parable of the Mustard Seed   4:30-32
The Use of Parables   4:33-34
Jesus Calms the Storm   4:35-41
The Healing of a Demon-Possessed Man   5:1-20
A Sick Woman Healed and a Dead Girl Raised   5:21-43
A Prophet Without Honor in His Hometown   6:1-6
Jesus Sends Out the Twelve Apostles   6:7-13
John the Baptist Beheaded   6:14-29
Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand   6:30-44
Jesus Walks on the Water   6:45-52
Healings at Gennesaret   6:53-56
Breaking Human Traditions that Break God's Commandments   7:1-13
Clean and Unclean   7:14-23
The Faith of a Syrophoenician Woman   7:24-30
The Healing of a Deaf and Mute Man   7:31-37
Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand   8:1-10
The Pharisees Demand a Sign   8:11-13
The Yeast of the Pharisees and Herod   8:14-21
The Healing of a Blind Man at Bethsaida   8:22-26
Peter's Confession of Christ   8:27-30
Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection   8:31-33
Take up Your Cross and Follow Me   8:34-9:1
The Transfiguration, Discussion About Elijah   9:2-13
The Healing of a Boy With an Evil Spirit   9:14-29
Jesus Again Foretells His Death and Resurrection   9:30-32
Who is the Greatest   9:33-37
Whoever is Not Against Us is For Us   9:38-41
A Warning About Temptation   9:42-50
Jesus Goes to Judea   10:1
Divorce   10:2-12
The Little Children and Jesus   10:13-16
The Rich Young Man   10:17-31
Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection a Third Time   10:32-34
The Request of James and John   10:35-45
Blind Bartimaeus Receives His Sight   10:46-52
The Triumphal Entry   11:1-11
Jesus Curses the Fig Tree   11:12-14
Jesus Cleanses the Temple   11:15-19
Lesson from the Withered Fig Tree: Faith and Forgiveness   11:20-26
The Authority of Jesus Questioned   11:27-33
The Parable of the Tenants   12:1-12
Paying Taxes to Caesar   12:13-17
Marriage and the Resurrection   12:18-27
The Greatest Commandment   12:28-34
The Messiah: David's Son and Lord   12:35-37
Beware of the Scribes   12:38-40
The Widow's Offering   12:41-44
Jesus Foretells the Destruction of the Temple   13:1-2
Signs of the End of the Age   13:3-8
Persecutions Predicted   13:9-13
The Abomination of Desolation and False Messiahs   13:14-23
The Coming of the Son of Man   13:24-27
The Parable of the Fig Tree   13:28-31
The Day and Hour Unknown, so Keep Watchful   13:32-37
The Plot to Kill Jesus   14:1-2
Jesus Anointed at Bethany   14:3-9
Judas to Betray Jesus   14:10-11
Preparation of the Passover   14:12-16
Betrayal at the Passover   14:17-21
The Last Supper   14:22-26
Jesus Foretells Peter's Denial   14:27-31
Gethsemane   14:32-42
Jesus Betrayed and Arrested   14:43-52
Before the Sanhedrin   14:53-65
Peter Disowns Jesus   14:66-72
Jesus Before Pilate   15:1-5
Jesus or Barabbas   15:6-15
The Soldiers Mock Jesus With a Crown of Thorns   15:16-20
The Crucifixion   15:21-32
The Death of Jesus   15:33-41
The Burial of Jesus   15:42-47
The Resurrection   16:1-8
Resurrection Appearances of Jesus   16:9-14
The Great Commission   16:15-18
The Ascension   16:19-20

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Introduction   1:1-4
The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold   1:5-25
The Birth of Jesus Foretold   1:26-38
Mary Visits Elizabeth   1:39-45
Mary's Song   1:46-56
The Birth of John the Baptist   1:57-66
Zechariah's Song   1:67-80
The Birth of Jesus   2:1-7
The Shepherds and the Angels   2:8-20
Baby Jesus Presented in the Temple   2:21-24
The Prophecy of Simon   2:25-35
The Prophecy of Anna   2:36-38
The Childhood of Jesus in Nazareth   2:39-40
The Boy Jesus at the Temple   2:41-52
An Introduction of John the Baptist's Ministry   3:1-6
John Preaches to the People   3:7-9
John Replies to Questions   3:10-14
John Preaches About the Messiah   3:15-18
John Imprisoned for Rebuking Herod   3:19-20
The Baptism of Jesus   3:21-22
The Genealogy of Jesus   3:23-38
The Temptation of Jesus   4:1-13
The Beginning of Jesus' Ministry in Galilee   4:14-15
A Prophet is Without Honor in His Hometown   4:16-30
Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit   4:31-37
Jesus Heals Peter's Mother-In-Law and Others   4:38-41
Jesus In the Synagogues   4:42-44
The Calling of the First Disciples   5:1-11
Jesus Heals A Man With Leprosy   5:12-16
Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralytic   5:17-26
The Calling of Levi (Matthew)   5:27-28
Dining With Sinners   5:29-32
A Question About Fasting: The Superiority of the New   5:33-39
Lord of the Sabbath   6:1-5
Jesus Heals Man with Withered Hand on the Sabbath   6:6-11
The Twelve Apostles   6:12-16
Jesus Ministers to a Great Multitude   6:17-19
The Sermon on the Plain Begins: Blessings and Woes   6:20-26
Love for Enemies   6:27-36
Do Not Judge Others   6:37-42
A Tree and Its Fruit   6:43-45
The Wise and Foolish Builders   6:46-49
The Faith of the Centurion   7:1-10
Jesus Raises a Widow's Son   7:11-17
Jesus and John the Baptist   7:18-30
Jesus Criticizes His Generation   7:31-35
Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman: Parable of the Debtors   7:36-50
Women Accompanying Jesus   8:1-3
The Parable of the Sower   8:4-8
The Purpose of Parables   8:9-10
The Parable of the Sower Explained   8:11-15
A Lamp on a Stand   8:16-18
The True Kindred of Jesus   8:19-21
Jesus Calms the Storm   8:22-25
The Healing of a Demon-Possessed Man   8:26-39
A Sick Woman Healed and a Dead Girl Raised   8:40-56
Jesus Sends Out the Twelve Apostles   9:1-6
Herod Perplexed About Jesus   9:7-9
Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand   9:10-17
Peter's Confession of Christ   9:18-20
Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection   9:21-22
Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me   9:23-27
The Transfiguration   9:28-36
The Healing of a Boy With an Evil Spirit   9:37-43a
Jesus Again Foretells His Death and Resurrection   9:43b-45
Who Is the Greatest?   9:46-48
Whoever is Not Against Us is For Us   9:49-50
Samaritan Opposition   9:51-56
The Cost of Following Jesus   9:57-62
Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-Two (70 in some translations)   10:1-12
Woe to Unrepentant Cities   10:13-16
The Seventy-Two Return   10:17-20
Jesus Rejoices   10:21-24
The Parable of the Good Samaritan   10:25-37
At the Home of Mary and Martha   10:38-42
The Model Prayer   11:1-4
The Parable of the Persistant Friend   11:5-10
The Parable of the Good Father   11:11-13
Jesus and Beelzebub   11:14-23
Return of an Unclean Spirit   11:24-26
True Blessedness   11:27-28
The Sign of Jonah   11:29-32
The Lamp of the Body   11:33-36
Six Woes On the Hypocritical Pharisees   11:37-54
Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees   12:1-3
The One to Fear   12:4-7
Acknowledge Christ Before Men   12:8-12
The Parable of the Rich Fool   12:13-21
Do Not Worry...Trust God   12:22-32
Laying Up Treasure in Heaven   12:33-34
The Parable of the Expectant Servant   12:35-40
The Parable of the Faithful Steward   12:41-48
Not Peace but Division   12:49-53
Interpreting the Times   12:54-56
Settle With Your Accuser   12:57-59
Repent or Perish   13:1-5
The Parable of the Withered Fig Tree   13:6-9
A Woman Crippled by a Demon Healed on the Sabbath   13:10-17
Parable of the Mustard Seed   13:18-19
Parable of the Yeast   13:20-21
The Narrow Door   13:22-30
Jesus and Herod   13:31-33
Jesus' Sorrow for Jerusalem   13:31-35
Jesus Heals Man with Dropsy on the Sabbath   14:1-6
Parable of the Wedding Guests   14:7-14
The Parable of the Great Banquet   14:15-24
The Cost of Discipleship Told in Parables   14:25-33
Salt Without Taste is Worthless   14:34-35
The Parable of the Lost Sheep   15:1-7
The Parable of the Lost Coin   15:8-10
The Parable of the Lost Son   15:11-32
The Parable of the Shrewd Manager   16:1-13
Jesus Answers the Pharisees   16:14-17
Divorce and Remarriage   16:18
The Rich Man and Lazarus   16:19-31
Warning About Sin   17:1-4
Faith and Duty   17:5-10
Ten Healed of Leprosy   17:11-19
The Coming of the Kingdom of God   17:20-21
The Second Coming of Christ   17:22-37
The Parable of the Persistent Widow   18:1-8
The Parable of Pharisee and Tax Collector   18:9-14
The Little Children and Jesus   18:15-17
The Rich Young Ruler   18:18-30
Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection a Third Time   18:31-34
A Blind Beggar Receives His Sight   18:35-43
Zacchaeus the Tax Collector   19:1-10
The Parable of the Ten Minas   19:11-27
The Triumphal Entry   19:28-40
Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem   19:41-44
Jesus Cleanses the Temple   19:45-48
The Authority of Jesus Questioned   20:1-8
The Parable of the Tenants   20:9-19
Paying Taxes to Caesar   20:20-26
The Resurrection and Marriage   20:27-40
The Messiah: David's Son and Lord   20:41-44
Beware of the Scribes   20:45-47
The Widow's Offering   21:1-4
Jesus Foretells the Temple's Destruction   21:5-6
Signs of the Destruction of Jerusalem   21:7-19
The Destruction of Jerusalem Foretold   21:20-24
The Coming of the Son of Man   21:25-28
The Parable of the Fig Tree   21:29-33
The Need for Watchfulness   21:34-38
Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus   22:1-6
Preparing for the Passover   22:7-13
The Last Supper   22:14-20
Woe to the Betrayer   22:21-23
Who is the Greatest   22:24-30
Jesus Foretells Peter's Denial   22:31-34
Scripture Must Be Fulfilled in Jesus   22:35-38
Jesus, in Agony, Prays on the Mount of Olives   22:39-46
Jesus Betrayed and Arrested   22:47-53
Peter Disowns Jesus   22:54-62
The Guards Beat and Mock Jesus   22:63-65
Jesus Faces the Sanhedrin   22:66-71
Jesus Faces Pilate   23:1-5
Jesus Faces Herod   23:6-12
Pilate Wants to Free Jesus   23:13-16
Jesus or Barabbas   23:18-25
Simon of Cyrene Bears the Cross   23:26-31
The Crucifixion   23:32-38
The Thief on the Cross Converted   23:39-43
The Death of Jesus   23:44-49
The Burial of Jesus   23:50-56
The Resurrection   24:1-12
On the Road to Emmaus   24:13-34
Jesus Appears to the Disciples   24:35-43
The Great Commission   24:44-49
The Ascension   24:50-53

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The Deity of Christ   1:1-2
The Preincarnate Work of Christ   1:3-5
The Forerunner of Christ   1:6-8
The Rejection of Christ   1:9-11
The Acceptance of Christ   1:12-13
The Incarnation of Christ   1:14-18
John the Baptist Denies Being the Christ   1:19-28
John the Baptist's Testimony of the Lamb of God   1:29-34
Jesus Calls Andrew and Peter   1:35-42
Jesus Calls Phillip and Nathanael   1:43-51
Jesus Changes Water to Wine   2:1-12
Jesus Cleanses the Temple   2:13-22
Jesus the Discerner of Hearts   2:23-25
Jesus Teaches Nicodemus   3:1-21
John the Baptist's Testimony About Jesus   3:22-30
The One From Heaven   3:31-36
Jesus Talks With a Samaritan Woman at Jacob's Well   4:1-30
The Ripened Harvest   4:31-38
Many Samaritans Believe   4:39-42
Welcomed in Galilee   4:43-45
Jesus Heals the Official's Son   4:46-54
Jesus Heals an Invalid at the Pool on the Sabbath   5:1-15
Equality With God in Nature   5:16-18
Equality With God in Power   5:19-21
Equality With God in Authority   5:22-24
The Two Resurrections   5:25-29
Witness of John the Baptist   5:30-35
Witness of the Work of Christ   5:36
Witness of the Father   5:37-38
Witness of the Scriptures   5:39-47
Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand   6:1-15
Jesus Walks on the Water   6:16-24
Jesus the Bread of Life   6:25-59
The Questioning Disciples   6:60-65
Peter's Confession of Faith   6:66-71
Unbelieving Brothers of Jesus   7:1-9
Jesus Teaches at the Temple During the Festival of Shelters   7:10-24
Christ's Origin from the Father   7:25-31
Christ's Departure to the Father   7:32-36
Rivers of Living Water   7:37-39
Divisions Among the People   7:40-44
The Sanhedrin is Confused About Christ   7:45-8:1
The Woman Caught in Adultery   8:2-11
The Light of the World: The Claim and Testimony   8:12-20
Where Jesus Came From and Where He's Going   8:21-30
The True Descendents of Abraham   8:31-59
Jesus on the Sabbath Heals a Man Born Blind   9:1-12
The Pharisees Twice Investigate the Healing   9:13-34
Spiritual Sight and Spiritual Blindness   9:35-41
The Shepherd and His Flock   10:1-21
Jesus Claims to Be One With the Father   10:22-39
Many Beyond the Jordan Believe   10:40-42
The Death of Lazarus   11:1-16
Jesus Comforts the Sisters   11:17-37
Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead   11:38-44
The Plot to Kill Jesus and the Prophecy of Caiaphas   11:45-57
Jesus Anointed at Bethany   12:1-8
The Plot to Kill Lazarus   12:9-11
The Triumphal Entry   12:12-19
God is Glorified, Jesus Foretells His Death   12:20-36
The Cause of Unbelief   12:37-43
A Summary of Jesus' Claims   12:44-50
Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet   13:1-11
The Meaning Behind the Foot Washing   13:12-17
Jesus Foretells His Betrayal   13:18-30
A New Commandment: Love One Another   13:31-35
Jesus Foretells Peter's Denial   13:36-38
Jesus Promises to Prepare a Place in Heaven   14:1-4
Jesus the Way, Truth, and Life   14:5-11
Praying in the Name of Jesus   14:12-14
Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit   14:15-18
The Trinity to Indwell Believers   14:19-26
Jesus' Gift of Peace to the Disciples   14:27-31
The Vine and the Branches   15:1-8
Love Each Other As Jesus Loves You   15:9-17
The World Will Hate the Disciples   15:18-25
Coming Testimony and Rejection   15:26-16:4
The Work of the Holy Spirit   16:5-15
Jesus' Farewell to His Disciples   16:16-33
Jesus Prays for Himself   17:1-5
Jesus Prays for His Disciples   17:6-19
Jesus Prays for All Believers   17:20-26
Jesus Betrayed and Arrested   18:1-11
Jesus Taken to Annas and Caiaphas   18:12-14
Peter's First Denial   18:15-18
The High Priest Questions Jesus   18:19-24
Peter's Second and Third Denials   18:25-27
Pilate Demands the Indictment   18:28-32
Jesus Questioned by Pilate   18:33-38
Jesus or Barabbas   18:39-40
Jesus Flogged, Mocked, and Presented   19:1-7
Jesus Questioned Again by Pilate   19:8-11
Jesus Sentenced to Be Crucified   19:12-16a
The Crucifixion   19:16b-24
Jesus' Provision to His Mother   19:25-27
Jesus' Death: "It is Finished"   19:28-30
The Side of Jesus is Pierced   19:31-37
The Burial of Jesus   19:38-42
The Empty Tomb   20:1-10
Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene   20:11-18
Jesus Appears to Ten of His Disciples   20:19-20
The Disciples Receive the Holy Spirit   20:21-23
Jesus Appears to a Doubting Thomas   20:24-29
Purpose of This Book   20:30-31
Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish   21:1-14
Jesus Reinstates Peter   21:15-19
Jesus and the Beloved Apostle   21:20-23
A Final Note   21:24-25

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Introduction   1:1-3
Promise of the Spirit and the Geographic Scope of the Apostles' Mission   1:4-8
Jesus Taken Up Into Heaven   1:9-11
The Upper Room Prayer Meeting   1:12-14
Matthias Chosen to Replace Judas   1:15-26
The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost   2:1-13
Peter's Sermon   2:14-36
Three Thousand are Converted   2:37-41
The Fellowship of the Believers   2:42-47
Peter Heals the Crippled Beggar   3:1-10
Peter Speaks to the Onlookers   3:11-26
Peter and John Before the Sanhedrin   4:1-22
The Believers' Prayer   4:23-31
The Believers Share Their Possessions   4:32-37
Annias and Sapphira   5:1-11
The Apostles Heal and Convert Many   5:12-16
The Apostles Imprisoned, Angel Frees Them   5:17-26
Apostles: "We Must Obey God Rather Than Men!"   5:27-32
Gamaliel's Advice   5:33-39
Apostles Flogged, Released, Rejoice in Suffering   5:40-42
The Choosing of the Seven Deacons After a Dispute   6:1-7
Stephen Seized   6:8-15
Stephen's Speech to the Sanhedrin   7:1-53
The Stoning of Stephen   7:54-60
The Church Persecuted and Scattered (Saul of Tarsus)   8:1-3
Philip in Samaria   8:4-8
Simon the Sorcerer   8:9-13
Samaritans Receive the Spirit   8:14-17
Peter Rebukes Simon the Sorcerer   8:18-25
Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch   8:26-40
The Experience of Saul Near Damascus   9:1-9
The Vision of Ananias to Heal and Baptize Saul   9:10-19a
Saul Preaches In Damascus   9:19b-22
Saul Escapes Out of City   9:23-25
Saul's Reception in Jerusalem   9:26-30
Peace and Continued Growth   9:31
Aeneas Healed   9:32-35
Dorcas Raised From the Dead   9:36-43
Cornelius Has a Vision   10:1-8
Peter's Vision   10:9-23
Peter at Cornelius' House   10:23-43
Gentiles Receive the Spirit and Are Baptized   10:44-48
Peter Explains His Actions   11:1-18
Antioch's Gentile Ministry; Believers First Called Christians   11:19-26
Prophecy of Famine, Relief From Antioch   11:27-30
James Put to Death; Peter Imprisoned   12:1-5
Peter Rescued by an Angel   12:6-19a
Herod's Death   12:19b-24
Barnabas and Saul Sent Off   12:25-13:3
Elymas Blinded, Sergius Paulus Converted at Cyprus   13:4-12
In Pisidian Antioch, Paul's First Recorded Sermon   13:13-43
Paul Turns to the Gentiles   13:44-52
In Iconium, Mixed Response   14:1-7
Mistaken for Gods In Lystra After Crippled Man Healed   14:8-18
Paul Survives Stoning and Goes to Derbe   14:19-20
Paul and Barnabas Return through Pisidia and Pamphylia   14:21-25
The Return to Antioch in Syria   14:26-28
Judaizers Prompt Meeting   15:1-5
The Council in Jersusalem   15:6-21
The Council's Letter to Gentile Believers   15:22-29
Gentiles Rejoice   15:30-35
Disagreement Between Paul and Barnabas   15:36-41
Timothy Joins Paul and Silas   16:1-3
The Church is Strengthened   16:4-5
Paul's Vision of the Man of Macedonia   16:6-10
Lydia's Conversion in Philippi   16:11-15
Evil Spirit Removed From Girl   16:16-18
Paul and Silas in Prison   16:19-24
The Philippian Jailor   16:25-34
An Official Apology   16:35-40
In Thessalonica: Attack on Jason's House   17:1-9
The Noble Bereans, but Thessalonians Cause Trouble   17:10-15
In Athens   17:16-34
In Corinth With Aquila and Priscilla   18:1-4
Many Jews Reject, Many Accept in Corinth   18:5-11
Charges Before Gallio the Proconsul   18:12-17
Return to Antioch   18:18-21
In Galatia and Phrygia   18:22-23
Apollos Speaks Boldly, Taught More Accurately   18:24-28
Ephesian Disciples Baptized, Receive the Spirit   19:1-7
Paul in Ephesus   19:8-10
The Sons of Sceva   19:11-16
Sorcery Given Up, Scrolls Burned   19:17-20
Paul's Future Plans   19:21-22
The Riot in Ephesus   19:23-41
Through Macedonia and Greece   20:1-6
Eutychus Raised From the Dead at Troas   20:7-12
From Troas to Miletus   20:13-16
Paul's Farewell to the Ephesian Elders   20:17-38
Paul Visits Disciples in Tyre   21:1-6
Paul in Caesarea, Arrest in Jerusalem Predicted   21:7-14
Paul Arrives in Jerusalem   21:15-16
Plan for Unity Between Jews and Gentiles   21:17-26
The Temple Riot; Paul Arrested   21:27-36
Paul Speaks to the Crowd   21:37-22:21
Paul Uses His Roman Citizen Rights   22:22-29
Before the Sanhedrin   22:30-23:11
The Plot to Kill Paul Foiled by His Nephew   23:12-22
Paul Transferred to Caesarea   23:23-35
The Accusations Against Paul   24:1-9
Paul's Defense Before Felix   24:10-23
Felix Procrastinates   24:24-27
Jews Want Paul in Jerusalem, Plotting to Kill Him   25:1-5
The Trial Before Festus: Paul Appeals to Caesar   25:6-12
Festus Consults King Agrippa   25:13-22
Paul Before Agrippa   25:23-26:23
Agrippa Not Quite Persuaded   26:24-32
Paul Sails For Rome   27:1-8
The Storm   27:9-38
The Shipwreck   27:39-44
Ashore on Malta: Paul Bit by Snake and Lives, Heals Many   28:1-10
Final Voyage to Rome   28:11-16
Paul's Meeting with the Jewish Community   28:17-29
Paul's Ministry in Rome Unhindered for Two Years   28:30-31

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Address to the Romans   1:1-7
Paul's Longing to Visit Rome   1:8-15
Theme of the Gospel: Faith   1:16-17
Gentiles Rejected God   1:18-23
Idolatry Led to Immorality   1:24-25
Unnatural Replaced Natural   1:26-27
Sinfulness Replaced Purity   1:28-32
All Are Sinners   2:1-5
God's Judgment Impartial   2:6-11
Those Without the Law   2:12-16
Law Cannot Justify   2:17-24
Circumcision Cannot Justify   2:25-29
Pride in Heritage   3:1-4
God's Judgment is Just   3:5-8
All Under Judgment   3:9-18
Law for Education About Sin   3:19-20
Justification Through Faith   3:21-26
Lawkeeping Not Effectual   3:27-31
Abraham's Faith Counted as Righteousness   4:1-4
David Recognized Grace   4:5-8
Circumcision's Value   4:9-12
Promise Based on Faith   4:13-15
Promise is for All People   4:16-18
Abraham's Faith an Example   4:19-25
Faith Triumphs in Trouble   5:1-5
Christ Died for Sinners   5:6-11
All Die from Sin   5:12-14
All Can Be Justified   5:15-19
Grace Increased   5:20-21
Grace No Excuse to Sin   6:1-4
Dead to Sin   6:5-11
Grace Requires Submission   6:12-14
Slaves to Righteousness   6:15-19
Grace Brings Life   6:20-23
Law Binding During Lifetime   7:1-3
Now Married to Christ   7:4-6
Law Gave Man Knowledge of Sin   7:7-12
Law Did Not Cause Sin   7:13-14
Law is Good, Man is Spiritually Confused and Corrupt   7:15-20
Flesh and Spirit Struggle   7:21-25
Living by the Spirit vs. Dying by the Flesh   8:1-8
Spirit Gives Life   8:9-11
Duty to Live by Spirit   8:12-17
Sufferings Diminish in Hope   8:18-25
Spirit Bridges Gap Between Man and God   8:26-27
Eternal Plan for Believers   8:28-34
God's Love Unfailing   8:35-39
Concern for Jewish Heritage   9:1-5
Basis of God's Promise   9:6-13
God Can Have Mercy on Anyone   9:14-18
Man Cannot Limit God's Grace   9:19-24
Prophets Told of Grace   9:25-29
Jews Did Not See Grace   9:30-33
Jews Tried to Earn Salvation   10:1-4
Salvation for All   10:5-13
Gospel Produces Faith   10:14-17
Israel Rejected Preaching   10:18-21
Always a Faithful Remnant   11:1-6
Unrighteous Blinded to Truth   11:7-10
Jews Brought Grace to Gentiles   11:11-12
Gentiles May Win Back Jews   11:13-15
Gentiles Not to Boast (Olive Tree Illustration)   11:16-24
Grace Extends to All   11:25-32
Song of Praise   11:33-36
Call for Holiness: Living Sacrifices and Renewed Minds   12:1-2
Use of Gifts   12:3-8
Show Love Through Deeds   12:9-13
Show Love in Relationships, Even to Enemies   12:14-21
Duty Toward Civil Authority   13:1-7
Love Is Key to Obligations and Fulfills the Law   13:8-10
Hope is Key to Motivation   13:11-14
Not to Judge Conscience   14:1-4
Matters of Conscience   14:5-9
Each Must Answer   14:10-12
Causing Brother to Stumble   14:13-21
Base Actions Upon Convictions   14:22-23
Example of Forbearance   15:1-7
Christ the Hope of Jews and Gentiles   15:8-13
Reason for Writing   15:14-16
Pride in Gentile Ministry   15:17-21
Future Travel Plans   15:22-29
Request for Prayers   15:30-33
Commendation of Phoebe   16:1-2
Special Greetings   16:3-18
Warning About Troublemakers   16:17-20
Greetings from Other Brethren   16:21-24
Praise to God   16:25-27

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Salutation   1:1-3
Thanksgiving for Grace   1:4-9
Divisions in the Church and an Exhortation for Unity   1:10-17
Christ the Power and Wisdom of God   1:18-25
Example of Lowliness   1:26-31
Proclaiming Christ Crucified   2:1-5
God's Wisdom Revealed by the Spirit   2:6-13
Wisdom For Spiritually Minded   2:14-16
Divisions Prevent Growth   3:1-4
Ministers are Servants   3:5-9
Christ is the Foundation   3:10-15
Divisions Destroy the Church   3:16-17
Loyalty to Christ Alone   3:18-23
Ministers to Be Judged   4:1-5
Warnings Against Pride   4:6-8
Even Apostles are Debased   4:9-13
Paul Appeals as Father   4:14-21
Dealing with a Case of Incest   5:1-5
Danger of Tolerating Sin   5:6-8
Duty of Self Policing   5:9-13
Lawsuits Among Believers   6:1-8
The Wicked Will Not Inherit the Kingdom   6:9-11
Bodies Not Meant For Sin   6:12-20
Marital Relations   7:1-6
Singleness   7:7-9
Regarding Separation   7:10-11
Unbelieving Spouses   7:12-16
Live as You are Called   7:17-24
Reason for Advice   7:25-31
Advantages of Singleness   7:32-35
Regarding Marriage   7:36-38
Regarding Widows   7:39-40
Knowledge With a Humble Love   8:1-3
Regarding Eating Meat Sacrificed to Idols   8:4-6
Weak Conscience Towards Eating   8:7-8
Responsibility Toward Weak   8:9-13
Paul's Claim To Be An Apostle   9:1-2
Rights of an Apostle   9:3-7
Example of a Lawful Claim for Rights   9:8-11 and 9:13-14
Paul Gave Up His Rights   9:12
Rewards for Giving Up Rights   9:15-18
Paul Becomes All Things to All People   9:19-23
Value of Self-Discipline   9:24-27
Old Testament Example of Unbelief   10:1-5
Old Testament Example of Self-Indulgence   10:6-10
Examples are Warning Not to Fall Into Temptation   10:11-13
Avoid Idol Feasts   10:14-22
Live for the Good of Others   10:23-30
Live for the Glory of God   10:31-11:1
Veils as Symbols   11:2-10
Equality Despite Distinctions   11:11-16
Problem With Fellowship With the Lord's Supper   11:17-22
Lord's Supper as the Proclamation of the Death of Jesus   11:23-26
The Danger of Eating the Lord's Supper in an Unworthy Manner   11:27-34
Source of Spiritual Gifts   12:1-3
Despite Variety, Same Source   12:4-11
Body has Many Members   12:12-14
Body is Diverse   12:15-21
Every Member Important   12:22-26
Church Needs Diversity of Roles and Gifts   12:27-31
Love is the Greatest Spiritual Gift   12:31-13:13
Prophecy vs. Speaking in Tongues (Foreign Languages)   14:1-5
Tongues Need Interpretation   14:6-12
Tongues Cannot Edify   14:13-19
Tongues Are a Sign   14:20-22
Prophecy Teaches   14:23-25
Orderly Use of Gifts   14:26-33
Women Not to Lead   14:33-36
Directions are Lord's Command   14:37-40
The Resurrection is a Provable Fact   15:1-9
The Resurrected Lord Displayed Grace to Paul   15:10-11
The Resurrection Essential to the Faith   15:12-19
Christ's Resurrection Guarantees Ours   15:20-28
Conduct Based on Hope of Resurrection   15:29-34
The Nature of the Resurrection Body   15:35-41
Bodies to Be Spiritual   15:42-49
Resurrection and Glorification   15:50-53
Confidence in Death   15:54-58
The Collection for God's People   16:1-4
Plans for Travel   16:5-9
About Timothy and Apollos   16:10-12
General Exhortations   16:13-14
Regard for Fellow Workers   16:15-18
Final Greetings   16:19-20
Benediction   16:21-24

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Salutation   1:1-2
Gratitude for God's Comfort   1:3-7
Delivered from Suffering   1:8-11
Hope for Positive View From the Corinthians   1:12-14
Travel Plans Not Whimsical   1:15-22
Reasons for Letter   1:23-2:4
Forgiveness for the Troublemaker   2:5-11
Eagerness for Titus' Report   2:12-13
A Triumphant Ministry   2:14-17
Living Letters   3:1-3
Source of Paul's Competence   3:4-6
Splendor of Gospel Message   3:7-11
Unveiling of the Spirit   3:12-18
The Gospel of the Glory of Christ   4:1-6
Godly Treasure in Fragile Human Jars of Clay   4:7-12
Preaching from Faith   4:13-15
Renewed Spiritually Every Day   4:16-18
Longing for Our Heavenly Dwelling   5:1-5
Walking by Faith, Not by Sight   5:6-10
Boasting for Their Sake   5:11-13
Ministry of Reconciliation   5:14-6:2
Submission Where Affiction   6:3-10
Call for Full Acceptance   6:11-13
Those Who Oppose Gospel   6:14-7:1
Pleading for Fellowship   7:2-3
Joy at News from Titus   7:4-7
Joy in Their Repentence and Zeal   7:8-13a
Joy Regarding the Joy of Titus   7:13b-16
Liberality of Macedonians   8:1-5
Gift a Proof of Love   8:6-9
Liberality Makes Equality   8:10-15
Men to Convey Gift   8:16-24
Readiness of Gift   9:1-5
Cheerful Abundant Giving   9:6-9
Generosity Glorifies God   9:10-15
Paul's Response to Charge of Being Weak in Person   10:1-6
Reality of Paul's Authority   10:7-11
Comparision to Others   10:12-18
The False Apostles and Paul: Oratory vs. Knowledge   11:1-6
Preaching a Matter of Love   11:7-11
Others' Preaching a Ruse   11:12-15
Paul Forced to Boast   11:16-21a
Paul's Basis of Boastings: His Sufferings   11:21b-29
Sufferings Indicate Strength   11:30-33
Revelations Verify This   12:1-6
Weakness for Christ's Sake   12:7-10
Miracles are Credentials   12:11-13
No Ulterior Advantage   12:14-18
Reason for Defense   12:19-21
Regarding Troublemakers   13:1-4
Each to Examine Himself   13:5-10
Exhortations and Greetings   13:11-13
Benediction   13:14

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Salutation   1:1-5
No Other Gospel   1:6-10
Paul's Vindication of His Apostleship   1:11-24
Gentile Evangelism Accepted   2:1-10
Paul Opposes Peter   2:11-14
Saved by Christ-like Faith, Not by Works of the Law   2:15-21
Justification is by Faith, Not by the Law   3:1-5
Abraham's Faith   3:6-9
Faith in Jesus Saves, Not by Works of the Law   3:10-14
The Law and the Abrahamic Promise   3:15-18
The Purpose of the Law   3:19-22
Heirs Through Faith   3:23-29
No Longer Slaves, But Adopted as Sons and Heirs   4:1-7
Turning Back to Legalism   4:8-11
Paul Calls on Their Love   4:12-20
The Allegory of Hagar and Sarah: Two Covenants   4:21-31
Faith That is Expressed by Love Saves, Not Circumcision  5:1-12
Freedom in Christ Defined By Love   5:13-15
Life By the Spirit's Desires vs. the Fleshly Desires   5:16-26
Mutual Responsibilty in Christian Living   6:1-6
Living by the Spirit   6:7-10
Not Circumcision but a New Creation   6:11-18

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Salutation   1:1-2
Praise for God's Grace   1:3-10
Hope in Christ is Sealed   1:11-14
Prayer for Wisdom and Revelation into Christ and His Power   1:15-23
Raised from Spiritual Death   2:1-7
Grace to Live Righteously   2:8-10
Barrier Separating Jews and Gentiles Broken   2:11-18
Christ as Cornerstone   2:19-22
Revelation of Former Mystery   3:1-7
Purpose of Mystery   3:8-13
Prayer for Strengthened Love   3:14-19
Praise to God   3:20-21
Unity Among Saints   4:1-6
Gifts for Achieving Unity   4:7-13
Maturing as a Body   4:14-16
Renounce Sensuality   4:17-19
Renew Holiness   4:20-24
Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit With Sinful Forms of Anger   4:25-32
Imitate God in Self-Sacrificial Love   5:1-2
Be Morally Pure by Rejecting Pagan Ways   5:3-7
Walk As Children of Light   5:8-14
Live Spirit-Filled Lives with Songs from the Heart   5:15-20
Mutual Submission in All Relationships   5:21
Marital Relationships   5:22-33
Parent-Child Relationships   6:1-4
Master-Servant Relationships   6:5-9
The Armor of God for Spiritual Struggles   6:10-17
Request for Prayer   6:18-20
Further Report   6:21-22
Benediction   6:23-24

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Salutation   1:1-2
Expression of Love   1:3-11
Imprisonment is a Blessing   1:12-14
Joy Over Preaching   1:15-18
Paul's Dilemma   1:19-26
Stand United   1:27-2:2
Imitate Christ's Humility   2:3-11
Giving Your Salvation a Godly Workout   2:12-13
Lights in the World   2:14-18
Commendation of Timothy   2:19-24
Commendation of Epaphroditus   2:25-30
Christians Should Be Joyful   3:1
Overconfidence in Heritage   3:2-4a
Paul's Jewish Heritage   3:4b-6
Exchanging Human Confidence for Living for Christ   3:7-11
Righteousness a Struggle   3:12-16
Warning Against Worldliness   3:17-4:1
Euodia and Syntyche to Reconcile   4:2-3
Rejoice and Seek Peace of Mind Through Prayer   4:4-7
Meditate on Things Spiritual   4:8-9
Paul Content Through Christ's Provision of Strength   4:10-13
Gifts Fruitful for Them   4:14-20
Greetings and Benediction   4:21-23

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Salutation   1:1-2
Thanksgiving for Their Faith   1:3-8
Paul's Prayer For the Colossians   1:9-14
The Person of Christ as Creator and Redeemer   1:15-20
Relationship With Christ Through Reconciliation   1:21-23
Rejoicing in Suffering While Proclaiming Christ   1:24-29
The Goal of Paul's Work   2:1-3
Christ vs. the Colossian Heresy   2:4-8
Christ is All-Sufficient   2:9-15
Christ Should Be Focus, Not the Colossian Heresy   2:16-19
False and Legalistic Doctrines Miss Spirit   2:20-23
To Be Spiritually Minded   3:1-4
Lives to Be Transformed   3:5-11
Putting On Christ in Lifestyle and Song   3:12-17
Christlikeness in Family Relationships   3:18-21
Christlikeness Among Masters and Slaves   3:22-4:1
Call to Prayer   4:2-4
Dealing with Outsiders   4:5-6
Report to Be Given About Paul by Messengers   4:7-9
Greetings Among Brethren   4:10-17
Benediction   4:18

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Salutation   1:1
Thanksgiving for the Thessalonians' Faith   1:2-10
Paul's Ministry in Thessalonica   2:1-12
Eager Reception and Patient Suffering   2:13-16
Paul's Longing to See Thessalonians   2:17-20
Timothy Sent from Athens to Thessalonica   3:1-5
Timothy's Encouraging Report   3:6-10
Paul's Prayer for the Church   3:11-13
Living to Please God   4:1-2
A Call for Sexual Purity   4:3-8
Exhortation to Love and Work   4:9-12
The Comfort of the Coming of the Lord   4:13-18
Readiness for the Second Coming   5:1-11
Final Exhortations   5:12-22
Final Prayers and Greetings   5:23-28

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Salutation   1:1-2
Thanksgiving for Steadfastness During Persecution   1:3-4
Justice Guaranteed for Both Righteous and Wicked   1:5-10
Paul's Prayer for Them   1:11-12
The Lord's Coming and the Man of Lawlessness   2:1-12
Thanks for God's Calling   2:13-14
Call to Stand Firm   2:15
A Blessing   2:16-17
Request for Prayer   3:1-5
Warning Against Unruliness   3:6-15
Final Greetings   3:16-18

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Salutation   1:1-2
Unsound Doctrine   1:3-7
Law to Be Used Properly   1:8-11
Paul an Example of God's Mercy at Work   1:12-17
Timothy to Keep Faith   1:18-20
Call for Men to Pray   2:1-8
Women to Be Modest   2:9-10
The Role of Women   2:11-15
Qualifications of Elders   3:1-7
Qualifications of Deacons   3:8-13
The Truths of Our Faith   3:14-16
Human Doctrines   4:1-5
Strive for Godliness   4:6-10
Teaching and Example   4:11-16
How to Treat Others   5:1-2
Obligation Towards Widows   5:3-8
Church's Support of Widows   5:9-10
Regarding Younger Widows   5:11-15
Responsibilty of Women to Widows   5:16
Honor and Support of Elders   5:17-18
Caution Regarding Elders   5:19-22
Regarding Timothy's Health   5:23
Regarding Appearances   5:24-25
Slaves to Respect Masters   6:1-2a
False Motivations in Teaching   6:2b-5
Attitude Toward Money   6:6-10
Timothy's Motivation   6:11-16
Proper Use of Wealth   6:17-19
Benediction   6:20-21

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Salutation   1:1-2
Prayer, Praise and Concern for Timothy's Faith   1:3-7
Encouragement for Ministry   1:8-12
Importance of Doctrine   1:13-14
Many Have Turned Away   1:15
Onesiphorus' Faith   1:16-18
Be Strong in Grace and Teach Faithful Men, Who Will Pass it On   2:1-2
Be Single-Minded During Suffering   2:3-7
Suffer with Christ, As Paul Has Done   2:8-13
Approved and Disapproved Workers   2:14-19
Be an Instrument of Purity, Holiness, and Goodness   2:20-22
Teaching Above Quarreling   2:23-26
Prediction of Godless Times   3:1-5
Evil Teachers Who Target Women to Be Exposed   3:6-9
The Godly to Be Persecuted   3:10-13
Respect for Scripture   3:14-17
Preach the Word   4:1-5
Reward for Paul's Faithful Ministry   4:6-8
Paul Asks Timothy to Join Him   4:9-13
How Alexander Opposed Him   4:14-15
Paul Alone in His Defense   4:16-18
Benediction   4:19-22

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Salutation   1:1-4
Qualifications for Elders   1:5-9
Rebellion of False Teachers   1:10-12
Reprove False Teachers   1:13-2:1
Regarding Older Men   2:2
Regarding Older Women   2:3-5
Regarding Younger Men   2:6-8
Regarding Slaves   2:9-10
Basis of These Instructions: An Instructing Grace   2:11-15
Need for Righteous Living Among Outsiders   3:1-2
Graces of the Heirs of Grace   3:3-8
Quarreling Unprofitable   3:9-11
Personal Matters   3:12-14
Benediction   3:15

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Salutation   1:1-3
Paul's Love for Philemon   1:4-7
Appeal on Behalf of Onesimus   1:8-14
Onesimus Returning as Brother   1:15-17
Offer to Repay Any Loss   1:18-20
Paul's Hope to See Philemon   1:21-22
Greetings and Benediction   1:23-25

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God Speaks Through Christ   1:1-3
Christ Greater Than Angels   1:4-14
Warning Against Rejection   2:1-4
All Things Subject to Mankind/Christ   2:5-8a
Christ's Death Shows Grace   2:8b-13
Christ's Humanity Gives Hope   2:14-18
Jesus is Greater than Moses   3:1-6
Scripture Condemns Unbelief From Hardened Hearts   3:7-11
Sin of Unbelief   3:12-15
Israelites' Unbelief   3:16-19
Promised Rest for Faithful   4:1-5
Christ's Rest Superior   4:6-11
Need for Obedience to the Word   4:12-13
Our Compassionate High Priest Brings Access to God   4:14-16
High Priests Intercede   5:1-3
Jesus a Special High Priest   5:4-10
Explanation Difficult   5:11-14
Need to Mature   6:1-3
Warning Against Falling Away   6:4-8
Confidence in Continued Faith   6:9-12
The Certainty of God's Promise   6:13-20
Melchizedek the Priest   7:1-3
Melchizedek's Superiority   7:4-10
Christ's Priesthood Like Melchizedek   7:11-19
Guarantee of Covenant   7:20-22
Christ a Permanent Priest   7:23-25
Christ a Perfect Priest   7:26-28
Tabernacle a Pattern   8:1-5
Christ's Covenant Greater   8:6-7
Covenant Needed Replacing   8:8-13
Old Covenant's Tabernacle   9:1-5
Sacrifices Only Temporary   9:6-10
Christ is Perfect Sacrifice   9:11-14
Death Validates Covenant   9:15-22
Sanctuary Entered Once and for All by Christ   9:23-28
Sacrifices Were Ineffectual   10:1-4
Christ Replaced Sacrifices   10:5-10
Christ Both Priest and Sacrifice   10:11-14
Great Sacrifice Foreseen   10:15-18
Proper Response to Access   10:19-25
Consequences of Rejection   10:26-31
Strength in Persecution   10:32-34
Need for Strength in Faith   10:35-39
Faith: Assurance and Hope   11:1-3
The Faith of the Patriarchs   11:4-7
Faith of Abraham and Sarah   11:8-12
Faith in Unseen Country   11:13-16
Faith of Abraham   11:17-19
Faith of Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph   11:20-22
Faith of Moses   11:23-28
Faith of Israelites and Rahab   11:29-31
Faith of Judges, Kings, and Prophets   11:32-38
Faith's Reward in Christ   11:39-40
Christ's Example Demands Perseverance   12:1-3
Struggles are Discipline   12:4-6
Discipline Shows Sonship   12:7-13
Faith Requires Holy Lives   12:14-17
Judgment Under Law   12:18-21
Greater Covenant, Greater Judgment   12:22-24
God to Be Worshipped in Awe   12:25-29
Love Even Strangers   13:1-3
Maintain Sexual Purity   13:4
Do Not Trust Wealth, for God Will Never Forsake You   13:5-6
Imitate Lives of Leaders   13:7
Avoid Demeaning Teachings   13:8-10
Leave World System for Christ   13:11-14
Offer Sacrifices of Praise   13:15-16
Submit to Church Leaders   13:17
Request for Prayers   13:18-19
Prayer for Recipients   13:20-21
Final Thoughts   13:22-25

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Salutation   1:1
Trials Help Development   1:2-4
Seeking Wisdom   1:5-8
The Place of Rich and Poor Before God   1:9-11
Reward for Those Who Endure   1:12
Temptation Comes From Within   1:13-15
Goodness Comes From God   1:16-18
How to Live Out the Goodness of God   1:19-21
Knowledge is Not Enough   1:22-25
True Religion   1:26-27
Partiality Not of Faith   2:1-7
Any Violation Disrespects   2:8-11
Acting in Light of Judgment   2:12-13
Changed Life Evidences Faith   2:14-17
Faith Without Good Deeds is Useless   2:18-20
Examples of Obedient Faith   2:21-26
Speech to Reflect Purity   3:1-12
Heavenly Versus Demonic Wisdom   3:13-18
Materialism Brings Conflict   4:1-4
Humility Cures Worldliness   4:5-10
Obeying vs. Judging   4:11-12
Perspective About Tomorrow and Priorities in Doing Good   4:13-17
Warning to the Rich   5:1-6
Steadfastness in Suffering   5:7-11
Rash Oaths   5:12
Prayer and Suffering   5:13-18
Mutual Watchfulness   5:19-20

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Girding Up Your Loins (1 Peter 1:13) - Preparing for Action : An Illustrated Guide

Salutation   1:1-2
Praise for a Living Hope   1:3-5
Suffering Before Salvation   1:6-7
Faith in Unseen   1:8-9
God's Grace Foretold   1:10-12
Holiness Responsive to Grace   1:13-16
Christ as Ransom from the Bondage of Futile Living   1:17-21
The Enduring Word   1:22-25
Spiritual Maturity from Pure Spiritual Milk   2:1-3
Strength as Living Stones and Access as Priests   2:4-5
Christ the Cornerstone   2:6-8
God's Chosen People   2:9-10
Glorifying God in Conduct   2:11-12
Glorifying God as Citizens   2:13-17
Glorifying God as Slaves   2:18-25
Glorifying God as Wives   3:1-6
Glorifying God as Husbands   3:7
Glorifying God In Unity, Love, Compassion, and Humility, Not Evil   3:8-12
Confidence in Trials   3:13-17
Christ's Death Effective   3:18-20
Meaning of Baptism   3:21-22
Suffering Without Sin by Living for God   4:1-6
Show Brotherly Love by Using God-Given Gifts to Help Others   4:7-11
Suffering as Christians   4:12-19
Responsibility of Elders   5:1-5a
Respect and Humility by Casting All Anxiety to God   5:5b-7
Exhortation for Persecution   5:8-11
Benediction   5:12-14

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Salutation   1:1-2
Knowledge Brings Godliness   1:3-4
Supplementing Our Faith from Moral Excellence to Love   1:5-9
Need to Affirm Calling   1:10-11
Reminder in the Face of Death   1:12-15
Factual Nature of the Gospel   1:16-18
The Reliability of Scriptural Prophecy   1:19-21
False Teachers   2:1-3
God Will Punish Wicked   2:4-10a
Description of False Teachers   2:10b-16
Results of Their Teaching   2:17-22
Reason for Letter   3:1-2
Second Coming Certain   3:3-7
Reason for Delay   3:8-9
Description of Second Coming   3:10
Hope Should Prompt Godliness   3:11-13
Agreement With Paul   3:14-16
Final Warning   3:17-18

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John's Eyewitness Testimony   1:1-4
Basis for Fellowship   1:5-7
Sins Must Be Confessed   1:8-10
Christ is Advocate   2:1-2
Only Obedient Know God   2:3-6
Love is Test   2:7-11
Reasons for Writing   2:12-14
Love God, Not the World   2:15-17
Beware of Antichrists   2:18-19
Antichrists Deny Deity   2:20-23
Let Truth Abide in You   2:24-27
Be Righteous as Children   2:28-3:3
Sinning is Contrary to Faith   3:4-6
God's Children Live Righteously   3:7-10
God's Children Love Each Other   3:11-15
Love Evidenced By Actions   3:16-18
Obeying Brings Confidence   3:19-22
Must Believe and Love   3:23-24
Antichrist Denies Incarnation   4:1-3
Antichrist's Worldly Doctrines   4:4-6
Believers Reflect God's Love   4:7-12
Believers Have God's Spirit   4:13-16a
Spirit of Love   4:16b-19
Loving God Requires Loving Man   4:20-5:1
Loving God Requires Obedience   5:2-4
Testimony to Jesus   5:5-9
Believers' Lives Testify   5:10-12
Assurance in Eternal Life   5:13
Assurance in Proper Prayer   5:14-17
Security in Jesus Christ   5:18-20
No Security in Idols   5:21

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Salutation   1:1-3
Call for Love and Obedience   1:4-6
Warning Against Antichrists   1:7-11
Hope for Personal Visit   1:12
Greetings   1:13

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Salutation   1:1-4
Commendation of Gaius   1:5-8
Reproof for Diotrephes   1:9-10
Exhortation to Do Good   1:11
Commendation for Demetrius   1:12
Hope for Personal Visit and Final Greetings   1:13-14

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Salutation   1:1-2
Contend for the Faith in the Midst of the Ungodly   1:3-4
Judgment Upon Ungodly Throughout History   1:5-7
Description of False Teachers   1:8-13
Enoch's Prophecy of Judgment   1:14-16
A Call to Persevere   1:17-21
Obligations Toward the Erring   1:22-23
Doxology of Great Joy   1:24-25

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Prologue: Title, Transmission, Promise of Blessing   1:1-3
Salutation and Doxology of the Coming of Christ   1:4-8
Vision of the Son of Man   1:9-20
To the Church in Ephesus   2:1-7
To the Church in Smyrna   2:8-11
To the Church in Pergamum   2:12-17
To the Church in Thyatira   2:18-29
To the Church in Sardis   3:1-6
To the Church in Philadelphia   3:7-13
To the Church in Laodicea   3:14-22
The Throne in Heaven   4:1-11
The Lamb Takes the Scroll of Seven Seals   5:1-7
The Lamb is Worthy   5:8-14
1st Seal (White Horse): The Conquerer   6:1-2
2nd Seal (Red Horse): Conflict on Earth   6:3-4
3rd Seal (Black Horse): Scarcity on Earth   6:5-6
4th Seal (Pale Horse): Widespread Death on Earth   6:7-8
5th Seal: The Cry of Martyrs   6:9-11
6th Seal: Cosmic Disturbances   6:12-17
144,000 Sealed   7:1-8
The Great Multitude in White Robes   7:9-17
The 7th Seal and the Golden Censer   8:1-5
1st Trumpet: Vegetation Struck   8:6-7
2nd Trumpet: The Sea Struck   8:8-9
3rd Trumpet: Rivers and Springs Struck   8:10-11
4th Trumpet: The Heavens Struck and a Loud Woe   8:12-13
5th Trumpet: The Locust and the Bottomless Pit   9:1-12
6th Trumpet: Four Angels Unbound and Kill 1/3 of Mankind   9:13-21
The Angel and the Little Scroll   10:1-11
Two Witnesses Prophesy, Martyred, Resurrect, and Ascend   11:1-12
A Great Earthquake: 7,000 Die, Survivors Glorify God   11:13-14
7th Trumpet: The Kingdom Proclaimed   11:15-19
The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon   12:1-17
The Beast Out of the Sea   13:1-10
The Beast Out of the Earth   13:11-18
The Lamb and the 144,000   14:1-5
The 1st Angel Proclaims the Gospel and Judgment   14:6-7
The 2nd Angel Proclaims the Fall of Babylon the Great   14:8
The 3rd Angel Proclaims Doom of Beast Worshippers   14:9-13
The Harvest of the Earth   14:14-20
Seven Angels With Seven Plagues Singing the Song of Moses   15:1-8
1st Bowl of God's Wrath: Loathesome Sores   16:1-2
2nd Bowl: Sea Turns to Blood   16:3
3rd Bowl: Rivers and Springs Turn to Blood   16:4-7
4th Bowl: Men are Scorched   16:8-9
5th Bowl: Darkness and Pain   16:10-11
6th Bowl: Euphrates Dried Up, Frog Spirits, Armageddon   16:1-16
7th Bowl: Earth Utterly Shaken   16:17-21
Babylon the Prostitute on the Beast   17:1-18
Taunt Over Fallen Babylon   18:1-3
Warning to Escape Babylon's Judgment   18:4-8
Threefold Woe Over Babylon's Fall   18:9-19
The Finality of Babylon's Doom   18:20-24
Heaven Exalts Over the Fall of Babylon   19:1-5
The Marriage Supper of the Lamb   19:6-10
The Rider on the White Horse   19:11-16
The Beast and His Armies Defeated; Birds Feast on Them   19:17-21
Satan Bound for a Thousand Years   20:1-3
The Saints Reign With Christ   20:4-6
Satan Released and Doomed   20:7-10
The Dead Are Judged   20:11-15
A New Heaven and a New Earth   21:1-8
The New Jerusalem: The Bride of the Lamb   21:9-27
Eden Restored   22:1-5
John and the Angel: The Time is Near   22:6-11
Epilogue: A Blessing, an Invitation and a Warning   22:12-21

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